Forever Fighters is a registered 501(c)(3) that provides support and
personalized care packages to children and teen cancer patients and survivors.


We love putting together and delivering care packages. We include items that the patient will want and love. We also include things that the family might need to help them get through this battle. each care package is personalized for the patient. no care package will ever be the same!


Forever Fighters is a non-profit organization that provides personalized care packages to children and teen cancer patients. Along with the care packages we also work on connecting cancer patients with cancer survivors.


Trying to live after cancer is very challenging and being able to speak with other survivors is incredibly helpful. Current fighters find inspiration to keep fighting from survivors and are able to ask questions about their treatment. We love to connect them through fun experiences and adventures. Your sponsorship can make that happen.


“Since my cancer diagnosis, the most influential factor in my recovery was having people around me who understood what I was going through. Before I got to meet other survivors, I felt isolated and alone. Most of my friends didn’t understand what I was going through or why I changed. But every single other survivor that I have met gets it. That’s why what Forever Fighters is doing is so important. Not only are they brightening the lives of kids in their fight with cancer, they are helping us on the other side navigate our new normal. The connections that Forever Fighters are making for me and other cancer survivors are lifelong friendships. Forever Fighters has helped me so much in the struggles of my survivorship and I’m so thankful for everything they are doing for kids and teens like me.”

Makenna Thompson

Diagnosed February 6th 2018 with spinal meningioma from C5-T3. Currently in remission after 30 radiation treatments.

“Forever fighters, you have given my daughter Jazzy a piece of happiness during such a dark time! Not even knowing us, you reached out to us when we were first diagnosed, put together a care package that had items individually picked with love that would bring a little happiness to my daughter. Not only did she gain your support and random visits, but also a friendship and someone to lean on when she had questions about what to expect. Knowing that we have so much love to lift us up along with other families is the greatest gift we could receive. Thank you for loving these children who fight for their life and go through the unthinkable on a daily basis. We are forever grateful.”

Mother of Jazzy

Survivor of Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor.